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Normalizing Luxury on the Farm

Normalizing Luxury on the Farm

The feeling that you have after getting your hair cut. The amazing smell, the silky feel, the face framing layers. 

Restaurant-style chocolate cheesecake with mousse and grated chocolate. 

Not doing it for you? How about a detailed tractor cab without the random grease stains and leftover food wrappers from the past season. 

There are things on this earth that make us feel entirely put together and in control but we don't do them that often. Why? We're busy, we're tired, they don't "need done" or we don't "need" to spend money on them. I'll contradict that and say sometimes they are exactly what we need to spark a little momentum and get us moving in the direction of our goals, or just in the direction of completing chores!

For me, I drink chocolate coffee every morning. Actually, it's more high-maintenance than that. I fill half of my mug with hot milk. I add two scoops of hot chocolate powder. I mix it with a milk frother (it lives on my counter and requires zero extra time). I pour in the rest of the cup with chocolate truffle or some version of chocolate coffee. If I'm feeling really luxurious, I add a scoop of whipped topping. It might be a Thursday, who knows. It makes the morning so much better. Yes, this costs me more money than regular black coffee. But for literally an extra $0.30-$0.40/day (yes, I've done the math) my morning experience is profoundly better and I rarely purchase Tim Horton's coffee anymore (so really I'm saving money here!). 

We don't often take time to look at our life from a bird's eye view and think how we can make the day to day experiences just a little bit better. I am here to tell you that you are absolutely deserving of luxurious experiences every single day, and they don't have to cost a lot. We received a beautiful, engrave bread board as a wedding gift that sat on our counter until I recently decided to use it to serve lunch. Why do things taste better when they are prepared in a pretty way?

I'm trying to weave this way of thinking into my day to day. If I'd normally spend 20 min on social media in the evenings, why can't I take 20 min to go for a walk or go to the beach? We will WILLINGLY spend time on things that don't make us feel better yet we feel like we don't deserve to do the things that make us feel like a better version of ourselves and cause momentum in the right direction.

Sometimes it is worth it to indulge in things that are luxurious and do cost money. If it is something you will use, can afford, and will make the moments of your day that you get to yourself more luxurious, go for it! I knew I needed to get down to work this summer but hate being inside. As a compromise, I purchased an outdoor day bed. To me, that is total luxury without leaving the farm!

So if no one has reminded you lately, here's your permission to do the things for yourself that feel luxurious. Not sure where to start? Here's a few below that I do! Recipe to go with the blog photo shared below as well. With love, Michelle xo

Luxury without leaving the farm: 

- Java Works Raspberry chocolate coffee available online

- Shirriff chocolate mousse packages available at Walmart

- KISS stick on manicure nails, great for weddings and cost about $6 per manicure, available at Walmart

- Method Lavender counter cleaning spray, available at Zehrs and other stores

- serving lunch off of a wooden charcuterie board you already own: free

- marinating your chicken for 12 hours in coconut milk. Just do it and thank me later.

- using your livestock blower to blow out your tack or feed room (it's just better than sweeping), IYKYK

- a bike ride, an ice skate, an impromptu dance session in the barn. Just do it then tell me after your body wasn't happy!


Leftover Shredded Chicken Flat Bread Recipe:

-flat bread or naan bread of your choice

- leftover chicken breast with BBQ sauce (TIP: I will never not  marinate chicken breasts in coconut milk again. They are so juicy!)

- mayonnaise, enough so it's saucy

- red onion, sliced

- avocado, if desired

- shredded cheddar cheese 

Shred the chicken with two forks then mix with mayonnaise. Add in red onion and avocado. scoop onto flat bread. Add cheese to top. Bake until cheese is melted. Serve on your favourite wooden board. Enjoy!


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