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"September Thing"

"September Thing"

The calendar year gives us two "fresh starts" per year. One is on January 1st and the other is the beginning of September. A new school year. When we were young, the start of a school year was arguably the more exciting of the two. We looked forward to: seeing our friends, starting new classes, joining clubs, trying out for teams. We were nervous, anxious, excited - literally all the feels!

As we get older the magic of this time of year seems to fade. But does it have to? I still catch myself this time of year evaluating my wardrobe, changing my lunches, but most importantly, picking something new to learn! Getting away on a true vacation in the summer seems to be a stretch for us but I do try to take at least a couple of days off at the beginning of September every year to learn something new. I call this my "September thing". A few years ago I participated in a short course on aquaculture (yes, fish farming lol!). Two years ago my husband and I toured a farm in Norfolk county that irrigates their grain crops and learned about their pivot systems. Have we since adopted fish farming or pivots? Absolutely not! Do I regret these experiences? Hell no! The point is that you allow your brain to stretch and explore other opportunities. For me, taking a step away from the day-to-day also allows me to come back and look at it with a fresh, new lens. That is exactly what I am hoping for with my "September thing" this year - a meeting with a business mentor.

Books are a super alternative if you're lacking time or funds for something like I mentioned above. 15 minutes a night of reading new ideas opens up your brain to thoughts you didn't know you were capable of! You can literally find books on anything you're interested in. Not sure what to pick up to read? I'll link a few of my favourite reads below.

So maybe entrepreneurial endeavours aren't your focus. What about connecting with an old friend? Finding a new local trail system and making plans to take your dog for fall walks? Would it be unheard of to start a hobby or sport you keep meaning to try? Something to bring new energy to the table and change the direction of the rest of your year (insert sparkle emoji). 

What would make your Grade 6 self excited to start into the first week of September? That's your September thing!

- Michelle


These are affiliate links to some of my favourite reads if you're looking for stretch your brain!

Inspirational reading:

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

For the business-minded reader: 

$100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

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